24/7 Support Page

User support for access and setup assistance.

Broadcast Wireless

Complete property-wide Wireless High-Speed data networking.

High-Speed Data

Hard-wired Ethernet, VDSL and Cable Plant data networking.

Network Management Systems

A complete network management, monitoring and access control system.

Lobby Kiosk

Complete user computer kiosks for your lobby.

Broadcast Wireless

Being tethered to a desk in a room is no longer adequate for the travelling guest. Guests today want their Internet access unplugged -- "anytime, anywhere." Accera Group has quality experience with many hotels and convention centers and can meet your needs and demands. We currently serve many types of properties.

The applications are endless and the benefits significant.

The installation of wireless networks, however, is fraught with challenges. Including:
  • Building a network with strong, consistent signal coverage
  • Enhancing signals to penetrate various types of building materials
  • Eliminating sources of interference such as microwaves, cordless phones, competing wireless networks, etc
  • Internal wiring issues - it may be a wireless network but it all leads back to wiring at the core

And of course, the most critical challenge of all:
Ensuring a Safe and Secure Network!

Why stop with guest Internet access? Wireless installations can support a range of hotel applications to provide both operational efficiencies and cost savings. Have instant contact with your housekeeping staff through wireless handhelds. Provide check-in/check-out wireless kiosks for greater guest convenience. Monitor check-points and room Energy Management Systems from a central location.

HSIA Pricing Plans – you make the choice

The world of HSIA is as varied as the resorts they serve. Do you bill for the service or offer it as an amenity? The choice is yours! With Accera you have the flexibility to design the plan that best meets your resort's needs.

A World of Wireless

Accera is a leader in developing and establishing wireless networks which allow users to get online instantly with laptops and other mobile devices. Accera offers wireless services in guest rooms, at hotspots strategically located around the property, and in meeting and convention venues.

Meeting Room Support Your Way

Accera's experience with meeting and convention support offers you a company that understands the needs of your meeting guests.

For large meeting and convention centers, Accera can provide your facility a complete turnkey management solution with support of voice and data networks.

For smaller boutique meeting facilities, Accera's services allow you to deliver a variety of data services automatically. In fact, the guest can pre-select the Internet bandwidth of their choice without resort management involvement. All at the touch of a button!

Let the wireless experts at Accera Group design your network today!