Onsite Support & Monitoring

Complete monitoring of computers and networks.

Offsite Backup

Secure backup of your critical data at an offsite location.

Equipment Repair

Computer hardware and software repair and upgrade.

Supported Databases

Offsite Backup

Protecting business’s critical systems and files is what we are all about. Losing data is a nightmare and we strive to make sure that never happens. We offer multiple backup options, including our Online Backup Manager, image-based solutions featuring bare metal restore, and more. What really sets us apart from the rest is our support and commitment to our customers and partners.

Our advanced features allow for virtually any platform or database to be backed up. We offer backup clients for Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, or Novell. We can back up email systems and databases natively.

Backup any of the following:

      •  MS Exchange
      •  MS Exchange Mail Level – Allows easy restore of individual emails or a single
          user’s account
      •  Oracle Database
      •  Lotus
      •  MS SQL Server Database
      •  MYSQL Server

Accera Group provides network administration and support, including proactive network monitoring, scheduled administration, help desk and onsite support. We deliver a quality infrastructure design that begins with initial planning, runs through implementation, and continues into ongoing management and support. Our consultants use industry standards, best practices, and reputable products to provide network integration solutions that drive your business. Our four-step methodology ensures that your network performs reliably and effectively, and can respond to your changing business needs today and tomorrow.

Advanced Retention Policy - Easily meet the requirements for any regulatory policies on retention. Our retention policies are limitless and are user definable. Policies can be overlapping or non-overlapping.

Continuous Data Protection - Real time protection allows for virtually instant backup of files. Use this option to give extra protection for critical files. User-controllable filters allow for all or just some files to be included in the protection.

Fully Automatic - Robust scheduling options allow control of when and how long backups run. Different & multiple schedules allow complete control for handling elaborate backup needs.

Encrypted - 256 bit AES, Twofish or DESede. All data is fully encrypted prior to leaving the client’s computer, with a client-provided encryption key. Backups can not be restored without the encryption key. We do not keep a copy of, or have access to, client encryption keys.

Compression - All data is compressed prior to being uploaded, saving time & disk space. All accounts are billed from compressed space. Many types of files can be compressed substantially (up to 90%) for efficient backups and low disk space usage.

Comprehensive Email Reports - Users are notified via email of successful, failed, or missed backups, along with a list of files backed up.

In-File Delta - Also known as ‘block level backups’, this is the core of what makes our backup process so effective. Our advanced software algorithms can literally pick apart large files and only upload the parts of that file that have actually changed. Once the initial backup is complete, huge amounts of files can be backed up online very quickly.

Version Control - With a combination of our retention policies and scheduling options, you can determine how many versions of files are kept.

Command Line Tools - Allows for any third-party programs or batch files to be called, both before and after, the backup process.

Seed Load - Have lots of data (several hundred GB)? Save the first backup to a portable hard disk. We arrange for pickup and manually load that first backup to our data center. Only incremental backups are required from then on.

Filtering - Powerful filtering capabilities to include or exclude files & folders.

Backup “Open” Files - Leveraging Volume Shadow Copy, a Microsoft technology for creating consistent point-in-time copies of files, open files can be safely backed up without the need to close applications.

Local Copy - Store an encrypted copy of the backup locally, for quicker restores and peace of mind.

System State Backup - Backup the system state of any Windows computer.

Auto-Update - Minimize management expenses with auto-update. New versions can be automatically ‘pushed’ to each client.

Scheduling - Comprehensive and multiple scheduling options allow complete control for when and how long backups occur.

Network Drive Support - Supports network & mapped drives.

Online Access - With the encryption key, files can be easily accessed online. For security, this feature can be limited by IP address.

For Pricing and Information, please contact us at info@acceragroup.com.