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Hosted IPPBX using IPConnect and IPWorks

IPWorks – Leveraging Hosted Call Paths (Lines) to Serve Multiple End Points (Extensions).

Thinking about replacing your outgrown, outdated and very expensive PBX/Key system or Centrex service? When you are ready to make your move, consider IPWorks, a robust IP Communications service that offers:

   •   The freedom to select the number of lines and extensions according to your business needs.
   •   Wider choices in customer premise equipment (CPE), which will lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and significantly reduce the cost of your in-house
       staff and support.
   •   No required up-front capital outlay.
   •   The ability to leverage the number of lines across a greater number of users, as your needs dictate.
   •   Extensions that come complete with our full-featured Premium Service Set and with significant savings on enhanced mobility features.
   •   No risk of obsolescence - software is kept current through software updates.
   •   Work confidently with a provider that has the experience, the knowledge and the commitment to customer service and support that you need.

Additionally, through IPWorks, Accera Group offers “Cap and Grow” capability for those many businesses that don’t have the resources to immediately replace existing legacy PBX systems. You can “cap” investment in your legacy PBX Equipment and “grow” additional capacity, utilizing our IPWorks hosted IP VoIP service as a solution to add additional phones onsite or at remote locations which tie into your existing trunk at the network level.

IPWorks – Choose Just the Feature Set that Best Fits Your Needs.

If you run a small- to medium-sized business, you are already likely aware of the benefits of VoIP: The cost savings, the simplified infrastructure, and the advanced features. While the move is inevitable, how and why you move are critical considerations. It is also the reason you should take a close look at both the “how and why” of IPWorks from Accera Group.

With IPWorks, you get a dedicated call plan with the ability to choose from three Enterprise feature set options: Basic, Standard or Premium. The feature sets, which vary depending upon the type chosen, include personal services and mobility, voicemail messaging and web-based call management tools.

This allows you to:

   •   Match feature sets to your specific and future needs—from the most feature-demanding requirements to basic communication services, each set with its
       own dedicated line.
   •   Work confidently with a provider that has the experience, the knowledge and the commitment to customer service and support that you need.

The Bottom Line on These Hosted IPPBX Solutions.

The movement from old to new technology isn’t always one that must take place in a single, often resource-prohibitive, step. A movement can be a transition as much as it can be a replacement. Easily, conveniently and seamlessly connect satellite offices together without expensive capital or replacing existing equipment, and consolidate data and voice bills to save money by eliminating useless phone features and long distance per-minute charges, with IPPBX solutions from Accera Group.